“Only be careful,
and watch yourselves closely
so that you do not forget
the things your eyes have seen
or let them slip from your heart
as long as you live.
Teach them to your children
and to their children after them.”


Happy birthday to Me! Um…no actually. My big 3-0 was a bit anti-climactic…just another day really. Filled with dirty diapers, and sibling rivalry and who’s-taking-out-the-trash arguments. Another year older…another year wiser? Well…that is a choice. Just like I can (and eventually did) choose joy on an otherwise exhausting day…I can choose to seek wisdom. If you think about it, that choice is made in a million little things over the course of a day. Do I make the choice to appreciate that I have a dear little son…who just happens to generate a lot of stinky diapers? Do I make the choice to teach patience and sacrifice to the squabbling sisters…who each insist on their own way? Do I choose to wake up, hair undone and headache brewing…and look past myself and seek God’s Word? When I do that…when I chose to see my little corner of the world from God’s perspective…everything changes. Actually, everything has. As I write this, my husband is happily employed (after two and a half years of unemployment and college courses), and I sit in a comfortable home, with lots of room (after the same two and a half years spent crammed with the four kids in my parents’ basement!)…every good and perfect gift comes from God, I just needed to wait for His timing. Whatever you are waiting for, hang in there, I know how hard it can be to wait…yet, remember in Christ there is joy and peace to be found, wherever it is you find yourself today!

 Echoes of Mercy:

JON FOREMAN: The Cure for Pain

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