“People of Isreal,
I will build you up again,
and you will be rebuilt.
You will pick up tambourines again,
and dance with those who are joyful.”


The Waiting Game was never much fun. Remember that Achilles leg I was telling you about? {WALK(10,000 miles)} Well, now is the time to do something about it! Yep. I’m going under the knife. I can’t seem to get it off my mind. I did just find out yesterday, but it’s not the surgery that I keep thinking about…it’s the recovery time. As nice as the word bedrest sounds, I’m trying to figure how that will work out with four crazy kids and a full-time student for a Hubby. Yet, I know our God specializes in impossible things. So, I will feverishly plan (as any good type-A mother knows) and wait and trust that God knows what is best. Besides, what busy Mom wouldn’t jump at the chance to get a little down-time?

 Echoes of Mercy:


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