“We destroy every proud obstacle
that keeps people from
knowing God.
We capture their rebellious thoughts
and teach them to obey Christ.”


I think, therefore I am. Since the first man and the first women encountered free will in the Garden of Eden, humanity has been caught in a tug-of-war between our hearts and our minds. Our hearts cry out within us to know the meaning of Life…to find a deeper purpose to existence. Our minds all too willingly fill the void with intellectual debate, endless worry, and a sense of personal omniscience. We label ourselves and the world to try to make sense of things we do not understand. Yet, labels are only skin deep. All too often we stop searching for the answers, because we believe that they are found in the labels. A label is no more the whole of the matter, than a bandage is a part of the body. It is a cover-up…whether it is to be stripped away can only be determined by examining that which is hidden underneath. However, there is one label that we should wear with pride: Christian. Let’s follow after the One we profess to believe and listen closely to His Words…only the Bible can touch our hearts and challenge our minds to embrace His truth.

 Echoes of Mercy:


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