“Charm is deceitful,
and beauty is vain,
but a woman who fears
the Lord is to be praised.”


Life is more than Fairy Tales. Tulle, tiaras and diamond rings. Forget the glass slipper…we’ve become a court of Drama Queens! I remember, as a girl, gazing into the mirror imagining the life I would have one day. A life filled with sophistication and grown-up elegance…of fluff and sequins. No, the world of true love (that which is sacrificial) and courageous grace was not where I saw myself. Along the road from fantasy to certainty I have broken a few nails and learned a thing or two. I’ve learned that Prince Charming isn’t going to ride in on a white horse…but Jesus will. That there aren’t any castles in the clouds…but Heaven is waiting. That sometimes, Beauty is the Beast. Yet, one thing remains the same…I’m still waiting for my Happily Ever After.

 Echoes of Mercy:


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