ALL(that glitters)

“Long ago, at many times
and in many ways,
God spoke to our fathers
by the prophets, but in these last days
he has spoken to us
by His Son,
whom he appointed the heir
of all things,
through whom also
he created the world.”


Do you see what I see? We often sing popular Christmas carols at this time of year without much thought to the meaning behind the words. Songs of miracles, goodwill, humility and grace. Songs of Life. Songs of our Savior. The way I see it, Jesus Christ was a real human man who was born on earth in a miraculous way. He is also fully God. Such reality is a mystery to me…but I never want the wonder to grow cold. So, this year tell the Story. Find anyone who will listen and tell them the truth about the amazing gift that God gave to all of humanity. Tell them the Story that’s never old…when Love came down at Christmas.

 Echoes of Mercy:

?v=KYZZ7PNXSara Groves – Precious Again


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