“For just as the body is one
and has many members,
and all the members of the body,
though many, are one body,
so it is with Christ.”


What do you bring to the table? We’re in November now, and that means one thing: Turkey Day! Oh, yes. Shopping, menu planning, and political debates over drumsticks and cranberry sauce! In my family a lot of thought goes into the celebration, and everyone brings their signature dish to the big feast. I wonder, what if we looked at our Christianity the same way. What is that special quality that you have to offer? Your signature, if you will. We all have different personalities, tastes, and upbringings. However, the unifying element in the body of Christ is…Jesus Christ. Whatever God has gifted us to do, however we serve, we all do it for the same reason: to glorify God. He is glorified in our weakness; in our humbleness; in our sacrifice; in our worship; in our giving. I know that my gifts are unique, and that I have something valuable to offer when I embrace a servant’s heart. It matters not if that is washing dishes or leading worship for a congregation of thousands. What matters is that I do what I do with my whole heart, God will take it from there.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Breathe In, Breathe Out\” by Lecrae 


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