“A truthful witness
saves lives,
but one who
breathes out lies
is deceitful.”


What do people see when they look at you? A human. A friend. A sinner. Do they see a broken life mended by a Savior? Do you? Life is more than what it appears. It is not the makeup on our faces or the cars in our driveways. Our greatest influence for the cause of Christ is found simply in the transparent heart. Today, are you willing to share a sliver of your brokeness in order to reveal the merciful love of He who makes all things new? Often, the greatest comfort to someone who is hurting, is the knowledge that they are not alone: someone has walked this road before them. This is not about band-aid solutions: it’s about baring our sin before the God who made us, accepting His forgiveness, and taking that into our relationships. I call it courageous grace. It is more than making it to church on time, it’s in what we do with our lives the other six days of the week. More importantly than talking the talk, I must walk the walk.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Jesus and John\” by Lisa Gungor


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