“He must increase,
but I must decrease.”


Oops…you first. No really, go ahead. I know sometimes I get in the way. Clumsy, quick to speak, ambitious. I’m hungry for the spotlight. Well, as they say, the first step is acceptance. One side effect of the modern feminist movement, is that we have created for ourselves the “Super-Woman” career-minded, consumate lover, intellectual, maternal-godess, gourmet chef… The bar is set high, and we put it there ourselves. Equality is a beautiful thing. We all have a different role to play (to the glory of God). In the midst of our striving for acceptance (service with a smile), we have to ask ourselves: what is our motivation? God’s love for us would not change one bit, if we just took the world down from our shoulders. Maybe, in the quiet we’d find what we were looking for all along.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Background\” by Lecrae ft. Andy Mineo


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