LIGHT(of the world)

“But when anything is exposed
by the light,
it becomes visible,
for anything that becomes visible
is light.
Therefore it says,
Awake, O sleeper,
and arise from the dead,
and Christ will shine on you.”


“The digital age has lost its leading light” Said Howard Stringer of the late Steve Jobs, who passed away yesterday. This loss ripples worldwide to the vast numbers whose lives have been changed by the products created through this man’s vision. For all of his success in life and the incredible mind that he was gifted with, I wonder: did Steve Jobs see the light? Jesus Christ has been called the Light of the World. Apart from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, anything that we do or hope to accomplish in the life is just a flash in the pan. The meaning of life cannot be found in what we do, it’s in what God did for us. It’s found in the lasting treasure of His loving sacrifice, the immeasurable value of his mercy. The amazing glory that is His Love. I woke up today quite a bit earlier than usual, before the sun had touched the earth. Naturally, my physical body craves the sunlight. In the darkness: I stumble over things and inch my way forward, unsure of my footing. In the light of day: I go wherever I please with ease and freedom, my path lies clear before me. What a difference one light can make. Today, who is your leading light?

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Wrap Me in Your Arms\” by Michael Gungor


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