LIGHT(at the end of the tunnel)

“Therefore be careful lest
the light in you be darkness.
If then your whole body is full of light,
having no dark part,
it will be wholly bright,
as when a lamp with its rays
gives you light.”

LUKE 11:35~36 ESV

Wish you could turn back time? Have you ever done something you wish you could undo? All of us have. Many times Life gets away from us, like a line of stacked dominoes. As a child, when I would make an awful mess or be particularily naughty, my first inclination would be to hide. The mess (under the bed). Myself (in the closet). Well, as they say: out of sight…out of mind. But it was inevitable, sooner or later I would be found out. As an adult, I must admit, my natural inclinations haven’t changed all that much. Instead of hiding in the closet…I fill my day with projects, too busy to open the door to the illumination of God’s Word. Apart from God’s grace, my heart would remain in the dark. Broken and alone.  However much a mess we’ve made of ourselves, the grace of God can put it right. The broken can be made whole again. Hearts of stone can turn tender once more. Love can be renewed. Whether it is your heart that has been broken (or someone else’s) take it to God in prayer, and let the light in.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Slow Fade\” by Casting Crowns


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