LIVE(in the fast-lane)

“For everything there is a season, and
a time for every matter under heaven:
…a time to weep
and a time to laugh…”


Did someone glue the gas pedal to the floor? Wow. Life is moving fast this week…and I’m trailing behind. Burned out. Maxed out. Stressed out. Wait, its only Wednesday? Good grief. In times like this I wish Life came with an understudy. You know, someone who knows all the lines and can fill in for you on a moments notice. Well, its just me, and as they say: the show must go on! So, I’m walking my tightrope of a schedule, and jumping through flaming hoops of logistical nightmares. Hold on to your hats, folks! Because here comes the clown-car (hey, you’ll find fun in dysfunctional)! I suppose Life is what you make of it…the good, the bad, and the crazy! So, instead of playing catch-up, I’m just going to thank God for today. Squeeze the joy out of every turbo-charged second, and appreciate His everyday miracles.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Blink\” by Revive


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