“It was fitting to celebrate and be glad,
for this your brother was dead,
and is alive;
he was lost, and is found.”

LUKE 15:32 ESV

We are all a little bit like the Lost Boys. You know, Peter Pan and the whole quest for independence. Long live freedom, sunshine, mud in your hair, and all of that. But deep inside, those boys craved the love of a Mother. They had fashioned a life free from rules (and the practice of personal hygiene), but they were lost without the constraints of loving boundaries, and they knew it. I see more and more of that as I watch my generation. We’ve lingered far past the thrill of choice, and entered unwittingly into the queue of moral relativism. But deep inside, we crave the security of a black & white world. A world where we know right from wrong, and can teach them to our children. A world where the wrongs are set right. A world where the rules don’t change. Deep down inside, we crave the love of a Father. In the same way the Lost Boys ultimately found what they really needed, perhaps it’s time for our generation to return Home.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Lose My Soul\” by TobyMac


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