LOST(in translation)

“I will seek the lost,
and I will bring back the strayed,
and I will bind up the injured,
and I will strengthen the weak.”


When you define the word Life do you think first of your own? I know I do. My hopes. My plans. My schedule. Mine. But Jesus Christ came to give His life as a sacrifice for many…and I wonder, as followers of Christ, have we lost something in translation? How was radical grace replaced by social graces…and when did “take up your cross and follow me” become give what you’re comfortable with? Do you ever feel like you’re living the Reader’s Digest version of Christianity? So, my challenge to myself this week is think about what Life means in light of eternity, and not just think about it, but act on it. Not my plans (but God’s), not my schedule (His perfect timing). Not my life, but a life being transformed more to His likeness. I don’t have to stay lost in a sea of hurried humanity, when instead I can cling to the promises in God’s Word. Promises that remain unchanged in the face of an ever-changing world. Promises to restore, strengthen, and renew. Promises to love, forgive, and redeem. When I seek my life in that of Jesus Christ, I find love great enough to share, and joy overflowing. And as I share the grace my Heavenly Father has so freely lavished upon me I find a life filled with purpose.

 Echoes of Mercy: \”The Lost Get Found\” by Britt Nicole


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