“And this is his commandment,
that we believe in the name of his Son
Jesus Christ and love one another,
just as he has commanded us.”
1 JOHN 3:23 ESV

Just 5 more minutes! I am the classic procrastinator, a trait I generously bestowed upon my offspring. We had our first day of school last week (yes, during vacation) which went remarkably well. After a long year of dragging through the three R’s, my girls are joyfully eager to build upon what they learned last year. I am too!  This is gonna be a great year. Ben is back to school again (after some well-deserved R&R), he pulled in high-honors last semester! So, now it’s back to the traveling circus for a while: between carpooling to campus, the girls’ lessons, doctor appointments, homework, kids’ choir, bible study, oh…and a little thing called housework, I just might have time to wash my hair. Maybe. And that’s the rub, little Mrs. Tardy (that’s me) just doesn’t have the time for procrastination anymore! There is just too much to be done…Life just flows around me, in constant motion. I can ride the current, or stay stuck. So, I’m just gonna go with the flow! Mismatched socks? (That’s okay!) Lucky Charms for dinner? (Hmmm…just this once!) The important thing is: that I do what I do in love. The Amazing-Plate-Spinning-Woman has retired. To say it again, my measure of success cannot be my domestic prowess, or my organizational skills. It’s not about the “To-Do List” anymore. Those are merely tools with which to build up my family in love. How can I say “I Love You” today? It’s in all the simple, ordinary moments that I can give instead of take.  Every time I look at those little curly blond-heads I remember: I was made to love.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Made to Love\” by ToyMac


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