“Only be strong and very courageous,
being careful to do according to all
the law that Moses my servant command you.
Do not turn from it to the left or to the right,
that you may have good success
wherever you go.”

Grace under pressure. We all know what it looks like, but how to grasp it? No, not grasp, that’s not the right word. Grace is not something to strive for…it’s more something that wells up from within, pouring out into our attitudes (and actions) like a bubbling brook. Today, I don’t feel like that. I feel parched. I feel weak. I feel afraid. Even though I feel this way, I know that God’s grace is enough for me. Today, that means I can give it my all (He’ll be there to catch me if I fall); it means I can lean on a friend for support (Hey, what are friends for?); it means that when I’m afraid, I can trust that God understands (and He cares for me). For when I am weak He is strong. 

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Courageous\” by Casting Crowns


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