Walk (the road less travelled)

“and I shall walk in a wide place,
for I have sought your precepts.”
PSALM 119:45 ESV

There is such freedom to be found in God’s ways. It has always been a natural reaction for me to think of religious law as stifling and constraining. Like a little child who does not understand the dangers of playing in traffic. However, when I shift my understanding to view God as a loving Father, I see a deeper blessing within obedience. How many times have I, as a mother, tried to teach my own children the ways that will benefit them in life: healthy eating (But, I want gummy bears for breakfast!), consideration to others (Me first! No, me first!), and the inherent value of all life (That’s okay…there’s lots more fireflies!). But, the lessons are learned slowly and with reservation (What Mom doesn’t know won’t hurt her!). I walked in their little shoes once upon a time, and learned for myself that Life (whether spiritul or physical) follows certain unavoidable laws (such as: gravity). Like cavities, sibling rivalry, and squished bugs, the consequences remain…but so do the blessings.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Walk On Water\” by Britt Nicole


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