(Feel It In Your) Heart

“By day the Lord commands his steadfast love,
and at night his song is with me,
a prayer to the God of my life.”

Love is more than just another word. We had a great holiday with family and friends. Ben aka Chevy Chase set up a big pool for the kids, and everyone including the twenty-somethings had a splash! My brother grabbed his giant water guns from the shed (he saved them all these years) and had an epic battle with the little kids. It didn’t take them long to realize who the winning team was, it was interesting to watch and see where their sibling alliances lie (amongst preschoolers)! It not hard to imagine this backyard battle as we wade through dicarded sparklers and spent firework shells. Charlie (sixteen months) stood at the top of the hill which overlooks the fireworks, arms waving, shouts of “a-BOOM” ringing through the blasts. So full of joy! What a long way we have come from last summer, when we felt lost and alone, like bits of discarded newsprint swirling in the breeze. The biggest change hasn’t been in our surroundings: we still ache from the loss of our home, our security. No, the real change has come from the inside-out, we feel it in our hearts. God’s peace in experiencing devastation, and knowing beyond any doubt, that He is with us.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Feel It In Your Heart\” by Abandon


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