(Everything Is) Illuminated

“For the word of God is living and active,
sharper than any two-edged sword,
piercing to the division of soul and spirit,
of joints and marrow, and discerning
the thoughts and intentions of heart.
And no creature is hidden from his sight,
but all are naked and exposed to the eyes
of him to whom we must all give an account.”

I’ve been taking a deeper look at Psalm 119 over the past month. There is quite a bit of material here (one hundred and seventy-six verses)! So, in between diaper changes and carpooling my friend and I are searching for the blessings and characteristics outlined in this portion of scripture. Really trying to apply scripture on a day-to-day basis is like weight-lifting: it takes determination, perseverance, and having a spotter really helps, too. Oh, and most importantly, start out small or you are really going to be sore tomorrow! If the story of The Tortiose and the Hare was right, then slow and steady win the race. We are taking one stanza per week and thoughtfully reading through it each day. Stepping back to look at the big picture and then breaking it down into bite-size pieces, does a lot for the digestion! It feels fresh and very real to sit down for a good meal, and it leaves me hungry for more.  I’m finding that I’m getting a more complete idea of what is being said and taking the time to hold up that “mirror” and really look closely at myself. It’s some heavy-lifting but it’s making me stronger, hey, it’s cheaper than the gym!

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Great Light Of The World\” by Bebo Norman


2 thoughts on “(Everything Is) Illuminated

  1. That verse from Hebrews really stands out to me. I’ve been noticing, since my journey began, that even the slightest mis-step I make, be it foul mouth when it’s usually not bothered me before, makes my heart hurt like a dagger just punctured right through it, or catching myself before I do something out of spite to someone, just to make a point, like I would have in the past. Things hit me different ways now, as if I’m being smacked upside my head right as it happens or just before from the backseat…it’s amazing.

    • Sometimes in life, especially during difficult circumstances,
      we find a new perspective toward life, love, and faith. It’s like
      hitting the reset button
      . When those moments come, and you
      see yourself with new eyes, be assured that God looks on you with
      love. Keep looking for opportuntities to share the love inside of you!
      Keep rockin’ your walk, one step at a time.

      Many blessings,

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