The Finishing School

“And now I commend you
to God and to the word of
his grace, which is able to
build you up & to give you
the inheritance among all
those who are sanctified.
I coveted no one’s silver
or gold or apparel.”
ACTS 20:32-33 ESV

If these walls could talk, what would they say? Life isn’t a snapshot, it’s a moving picture. It’s the little things in life that, when put together, paint a picture of our true priorities. We see it all the time, don’t we? In other people. But, when I look at my own actions…well, I have a very good reason for _____! It makes perfect sense, really. But the end does not justify the means, and if I lose sight of my true priorites (the ones with eternal signifigance) then I lose direction in the road map of life. When I find myself feeding my physical cravings: entertainment, 
fashion, chocolate! I suddenly realize that I’m so full of “goodies” that I haven’t sat down for a real meal in a while. Now, I’ve got a great big sweet-tooth and an eye for beauty, like most other women I know. But my heart only finds true satisfaction when I sit at my Lord’s table and enjoy the bounty to be found in His word. The many blessings of time spent with Jesus Christ. And, as pretty as my polished pink pedicure makes me feel, my true beauty is seen in the reflection of Christ.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”How You Live (Turn Up The Music)\” by Point of Grace


One thought on “The Finishing School

  1. yes, life truly is a picture in motion, and one with priorities. My life revolves around music, and if you’ve checked out my blog, you know that…your words preceding the video and song, and that particular song that I’ve never heard before…are truly amazing, truly true…

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