Pretty Little Bluebirds Fly

“O house of Jacob,
come, let us walk in
the light of the Lord.”

Yesterday, we sloshed through puddles as the clouds sprinkled our heads with rain.
Ahh, summertime! I couldn’t hang out the washing (we use a clothesline), so instead
we made chocolate-chip cookies and had a dance party. Sometimes, it is easy to
appreciate the myriad of creativity that my young brood possesses. Other times
it just looks like chaos. But, today we laughed and played. We watched The Fox
and the Child
 (directed by Luc Jacquet) and pretended we were wild. Maybe it
would be best if it never stopped raining. When it’s pouring down
buckets of blessings, who needs a rainbow?

Echoes of Mercy:

\”Holy, Holy, Holy\” by Sufjan Stevens


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