These Boots were made for Walking

Practice grace and watch it grow in your pretty little corner of the world today!

How do you say “I love you”?
Is it in a word, an embrace?
Love is a verb, it’s in our actions.
I want to live a life full of love.
To share it, offer it, recieve it,
walk in it, nuture it, and watch it grow deeper in my life. All you need is love.


Walk alongside me:
How did you see love grow
in your corner of the world today?

Just comment below about your discoveries…and share the love!
Feel free to share this button…it’s made for you with love.


2 thoughts on “These Boots were made for Walking

  1. Our neighbor brought fresh picked blueberries
    to share with the kids…in gratitude, my little boy
    chose (from the fridge) a “very special” thank you
    gift: a little box of Laughing Cow cheese! ~Giggle!~

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