And, Your Name is?

“O Lord, O Lord,
how majestic is your name
in all the earth!
You have set your glory
above the heavens.”

BEGINNING (Revelation 21:13)                                    CREATOR (1 Peter 4:19)
FAITHFUL & TRUE (Revelation 19:11)                        GOD WHO SEES ME (Genesis 16:13)
GOOD SHEPHERD (John 10:11)                                   JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD (Romans 6:23)
LIGHT OF THE WORLD (John 8:12)                             MAN OF SORROWS (Isaiah 53:3)
SON OF GOD (Matthew 27:54)                                    TRUTH (John 14:6)
EVERLASTING FATHER (Isaiah 9:6)                             PRINCE OF PEACE (Isaiah 9:6)

When I stop to reflect on the many names of God, my eyes (and heart) open up to something unspeakably bigger than my own self. God’s holiness. My petty grievances completely vanish from thought. Suddenly my own shortcomings seem to tower around me, barricading me from feeling the warmth of God’s love. So, what can I do? I lift my eyes up to my heavenly Father. He loves me with a love that is bigger my childish ways. It is then that He reaches down, lifts me up, and embraces me with His unfailing love. In the light of His love I am free! I consider the incredible complexity of His personhood; the vast richness of His creation; the amazing love of His sacrifice made for me on the cross. But, all I can do is love Him…and that is all He asks.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”You Are God Alone\” by Phillips, Craig and Dean

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