I’ll Follow (You Lead)

“May you be richly rewarded
by the Lord, the God of Israel,
under whose wings you have
come to take refuge.”

Sometimes I can’t see any farther than my own nose. Five years ago, when we were drowning in debt and eeking out a living, I couldn’t conceive of a life free of material bondage and financial worries. We tried a debt consolidation service but that was not very effective. Well, after lots of good, old-fashioned hardwork, penny-pinching, and tighening of our belts…we are free of debt! As a side note, we also have no income, but that’s another story. No, the point I’m getting to is this: remember that useless debt consolidator? Well, it just so happens that they forgot to dot a few “i”s and cross a few “t”s, shall we say? And, as a direct result of this, we recently received a refund in the exact amount of our former weekly income. Now, we couldn’t have been more amazed if the heavens had opened up and rained big, fat toads down on our heads! I never, in a million years, would have seen that one coming. Even in our hopelessness and despair, trapped in the mess we had made for ourselves…God was preparing a blessing for us. This is truly the grace of God providing for our every need. Only a few more weeks until the school loans finally come through, but I know that I don’t have to worry. God is watching over us, and He’s got a much better view than me!

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”I Will Follow\” by Chris Tomlin


2 thoughts on “I’ll Follow (You Lead)

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog, your words, your lessons…they are as inspiring as they are true. God does have something in store for us all, and does have a better view of it, if we are willing to offer our patience and follow His will. I’ve received quite a few of my own blessings this last week, which I just posted about, but I wanted to catch up with yours as well. God Bless…

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