“If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord
and believe in your heart that God raised him from
the dead, you will be saved…for everyone who
calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”
ROMANS 10:9,13 NLT

We all have the desire to be valuable. To be special to someone. Popularity. Power. Prestige. Call it what you will, we want it. So, we exaggerate our authority at work, inflate our income, and sugar-coat our problems. Oh, everything’s great…I just climbed another rung higher on the ladder to success! Suddenly, our marriages are perfect, our children are geniuses, and we just lost 15 pounds. But, inside…it’s a mess. What if we stopped bragging about coupon clipping and new cars? What if the only boast we made was in the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ? When I am weak, He is strong. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been forgiven for a lot. Every single day. The amazing thing about grace is: His forgiveness doesn’t come with any strings attached. If I walked away right now, His love for me would not change. That’s why I’m standing for Jesus Christ and that’s why I fall at His feet when I can’t stand on my own anymore. When Jesus Christ looks at us He sees past the darkness and pain, through the selfishness and greed. He sees a person of immeasurable value, someone special to Him. So, we can call on His name and call Him our friend. Let Him have the power, and hand over the keys of this crazy thing called life! When you strive to reach your goal, offer it first to Him. When your value is measured in achievement, look to the sacrifice He made for you on the cross.  If you need a pick-me-up to feel good about yourself, remember that you are a priceless masterpiece crafted by the hand of God. There’s no harm in name-dropping, if it’s the name of Jesus Christ.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”Your Name\” by Paul Baloche


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