Catch A Shining ★ (Never Let It Fade Away)

“then you will shine
among them like stars in the sky
as you hold firmly to the word of life”

What is love? Does it mean getting what I want or what I need? Or does it mean not getting what I deserve when what I deserve isn’t very good? True love is bigger than birthdays and best friends. True love last longer than “until death to us part“. It is more breathtaking than that first fluttering heartbeat of puppy love and deeper than that last heartfelt goodbye in the hospice. True love is bigger than life. It is eternal. My God loves me like that, and in the light of His love, all else pales in comparison. When I’m feeling jaded and things aren’t what I expected them to be, I think about that love that is truer, longer, more breathtaking, deeper, bigger and more real than anything this world has to offer. When I allow myself to experience that love then I have something that I can share. Suddenly, I am bigger than what I thought I could be. I have the love of Jesus Christ living in me! So, then I can love the person who hurt me. I can get up again when I slip. I can let go of that which disappoints me. I can live a life of freedom! My life becomes a reflection of the mercy, grace, love, hope, and faith. Mercy when I forgive myself and others. Grace when I let kindness replace judgement. Love when I put others first. Hope when I look for the silver-lining. Faith when I put one foot in front of the other and watch for the sunrise.

 Echoes of Mercy:

\”SMS [Shine]\” by David Crowder Band


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