Found Objects & Fairy Tales

“Then Christ will make his home
in your hearts as you trust in him.
Your roots will grow down into
God’s love and keep you strong.”


Adventure runs rampant in our family. Even when we are not looking for it, it finds us! Yesterday took a “free day” and enjoyed the first sunny day in too long. Trekking through the swampy Swamp…catching Red Efts…through marsh and over logs slippery with moss, we marched on. Our quest reached epic proportions upon a discovery of unusual merit. An ancient Shield of Honor (the domed cover of an old bird feeder, taken into the woods years ago by a hungry bear) which, after a few minor adjustments, became the catalyst to our next great adventure! Home, sweet home. The kids overflowing with life, and us just trying to catch a little joy, before the adventure ends. Wednesday, its back to the grindstone…too many miles to cover in not enough time…but at least we had our fairy tale, if just for the day.

\”If You Want Me To\” by Ginny Owens


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