Like a Little Child

As a busy mother of four, I juggle many responsibilities each day. Duties of household, homeschool, gumshoe extraordinaire. No job is too great or too small! Do you ever wonder when the bubble will burst? Well, I sure did. All that plate-spinning can make you dizzy after a while! I couldn’t tell which way was up and I needed direction. I asked God for a fresh vision of myself…not the face I see in the mirror or the woman that I profess to be. I wanted to see myself from God’s perspective. You probably already know what I found…a little child. Cherished by God, with a love unchanged by my foolish disobedience, temper tantrums, and endless questioning. Oh, how like a little child I truly am! Even my best laid plans proved futile when attempted in my own strength. But, how to relinquish my seeming “control” into my Father’s hand? Only in accepting that I have come to the end of my ability to make things happen can I reach out in faith and take the loving hand of my heavenly Father. Well, here goes…

Echoes of Mercy:

\”This Little Light of Mine\” by Addison Road

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